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Sibling Rivalry Ramped Up to Fight of Good vs. Evil

This book picks up where the previous one left off. Urien is still at it, even though he is trapped inside of Xander’s body. I actually quite enjoyed the conversations that Urien and Xander had in their conjoined minds; much resembled conversation as you might imagine it would be between brothers as different as this. The novel takes sibling rivalry to the next level in the classic fight of good against evil. I loved Ann’s strength. The book is very action-oriented with lots of twists and turns that will take you for quite a ride. It ends, unfortunately, at what feels like a cliffhanger to me as it is in the middle of a pivotal scene. I didn’t think the end of the blurb was wholly accurate, which is disappointing. However, I’m definitely curious to see where the series goes next.