Anti-Cancer Smoothies*

Simple Recipes, Light on the Science

This book has a variety of smoothie recipes, from fruit to green to beverage based (tea and coffee). I don’t necessarily see the cancer connection with particular recipes or groups of recipes. Specifically, she divides the recipes based on the main ingredient or a nutrient like fruit or protein, and then says that that particular group is either good for cancer prevention, for use during treatment, or both. Nowhere does she explain how a particular recipe or a particular ingredient fits into that scheme. In the early part of the book, before the recipes, she does talk a little about how some of the ingredients relate to cancer, but much of it is general, and it doesn’t really give as much information as it should. It seems like she’s presenting information in various parts of the book, but wanting the reader to make the connections instead doing it for us. The smoothie recipes look pretty simple and tasty, so if you enjoy smoothies, you will most likely enjoy this combination of recipes. (Although they might be TOO simple; most just seem to combine a few fruits and/or vegetables with a liquidy base.) I just suggest looking past the cancer part. And this might be a small thing, but I didn’t like the stupid little cartoon of a blender that came before every recipe. There weren’t pictures of the individual recipes, which is common in little cookbooks like this, but to use the little cartoon graphic over and over and over again was just a little much.