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An Earl's Redemption*

A Few Surprises for a Regency Romance

I thought that this story suffered from too much of an information dump right at the start. This is a somewhat longer novella, almost novel length, so the author did have time to sprinkle in the backstory as needed rather than reveal everything all at once. Parts of this story, though, were slightly different spins on what is typical for Regency romance. I liked how it was the hero who suffered from the ton’s disapproval for his actions during the previous Season. Usually, it is the lady’s reputation that is in danger in a Regency. The heroine is put upon by her family, and she is determined to forge her own destiny rather than stay within an uncaring family fold. So, she is not immune to the hero, despite his reputation. Much more is in the works in this story, including a naughty widow who would like to make the hero her next conquest. All in all, I found parts of the story amusing, but it did have the issues with too much backstory as well as problems with grammar, punctuation, and usage.