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An Automated Murder*

A Mystery with a Surprising Culprit!

Granny and Abigail are at it again when a special Christmas unveiling at the Wallace Point toy store turns into a crime scene. A toy cannon automaton apparently kills a man in a locked room. In his dying breath, the man states that the shop owner did it. But Granny and Abigail can’t believe that this family man and business owner would be capable of doing such a thing. Who is responsible for the dastardly deed?

I have read the other cozy mysteries in this series, and I enjoy the small-town world that the author has created. I adore the relationship between Granny and Abigail. The fictional town has all be quirky characters and zany happenings that you love and expect to find in a cozy mystery. There are even delightful dogs, Thor and Missy, though we didn’t see as much of them in this book as we have in previous books. I love the subtle and not-so-subtle humor that the author is able to inject into these books. In this one, I love how a yacht was named the Knotty Buoy. Perfect! I enjoyed seeing Wallace Point at Christmastime. It’s not just murder and secrets in this book but also Christmas lights and cookies! The answer to the “whodunit” question at the heart of every mystery is an actual surprise! As I am rarely surprised by any book, let alone a mystery, this made the book even more delightful. If you enjoy well-imagined, humorous cozy mysteries, you may well enjoy this book and the rest of the series.