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An Archmage's Destiny*

Simple Task Becomes Dangerous

Attorney Bryce thinks she has a relatively simple task in front of her. She’s to deliver a message—and possibly a magical dagger—to Knight, part of the magical family that she represents. Knight must simply return home for a visit, she states, to obtain the dagger that his father knows will help him in his quest to keep Seattle safe from evil. Knight has no desire to do his father’s bidding and turns down the dagger. As Bryce is trying to tell him about the clause if he says no, they are attacked by shadow creatures who take a fair amount of life force from her. Now thrown into a situation that neither of them could have foreseen or want, they are placed on a path that puts them repeatedly into further danger.

The author did a fantastic job of pulling me right into the story. It was told in alternating viewpoints between Bryce and Knight. First up is Bryce, and she comes across as an uptight Eastern seaboard lawyer who wants to keep it professional and sees the task as a stepping stone to doing more meaningful work for the family. Knight is much than more his initial appearance, which seems to be that of a bad-boy biker. The author showed skill in having both Bryce and Knight reveal some of their histories right at the start without it feeling like she was doing an information dump.

Along the way, both learn much about themselves and each other. Knight is able to get a deeper understanding of his family. The pacing was tight, and they had to face danger on several fronts. Their chemistry sizzles off the page right from the start. I love how right away he was protective of her even if it wasn’t always in his own best interest. Their relationship, as well as the story, has a few surprising twists and turns.

The story is immediately engaging, and if you enjoy fast-paced paranormal adventures with secrets and dangers, you might enjoy this book.