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Am I Codependent?*

Disorganized Bits of Info About Codependency

I have read several books by this author that are interconnected with their themes of empathy and codependency. This book, as the title suggests, the focus is on codependency, though there is a chapter on codependency in the empath-narcissist relationship. Unfortunately, I found this particular book to be poorly organized and lacking an overall coherent structure. It seemed more like unconnected bits of information about codependency put together into one book. Some chapters are longer, while others are probably too short.

Let me talk a little about the structure of the existing book. Part of my problem with this book’s framework is that it feels like the topics are out of order. For instance, I think the first two chapters should have been reversed, or chapter 1 should have been a part of chapter 2. Chapter 2 defines codependency, while chapter 1 looks at distinguishing codependency from dependent personality disorder. I would not have started the book with that narrow distinguishing factor. Next should have come more basic information, like chapter 5 on childhood roots of codependency and chapter 6 on what the author calls the one root cause of codependency. After getting these building blocks in place, she then should have moved on to looking at how codependency manifests in adult romantic relationships. Instead, some of that is sandwiched between the definitions area and the developmental causes chapter and then is explored more after the causes. Because of this lack of cohesiveness and some brevity of the included sections, I cannot recommend this book.