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Alice is Not Lost*

Alice in Once-Upon-a-Time Wonderland

Alice’s sister has been missing for three years. She has not given up hope, and she checks in with the detective every day to see if there is any news. Soon, however, Alice finds herself not in her small town of Bayside but in the Wonderland Forest. Who will she meet here? Who are potential allies? What are the potential dangers? Why is she here?

I was drawn to this book because of the cover, which definitely reminded me of the last season of Once Upon a Time; I was a fan of the show for a long time. This book has elements of that TV show as well as the original Alice in Wonderland—the White Rabbit even makes an appearance. The author also did a good job of showing how disoriented a person would be when thrust into an unknown world. At times, the book did feel a little derivative, but interesting things kept happening to Alice, and new opportunities arose for her which were fascinating to follow.

I believe this is meant to be a prequel to a series, and I look forward to seeing what the author might do next with this interesting cast of characters and very different world.