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Affiliate Marketing*

Bare Bones Blueprint for Affiliate Marketing

It’s kind of funny, but just the day before this book became available on my favorite book review site, I actually bought access to some software produced by the author. So he does know affiliate marketing from the inside because he actually creates products that affiliates can buy and use, sell, and license. Unfortunately, in this book, he has oversold in the subtitle what he’s going to share. As someone who has done affiliate marketing in the past and is beginning to increase her efforts again, I can tell you that what he offers in this book is a solid, though bare bones, way to approach affiliate marketing in 2019. Everything he talks about in this book is indeed things you need to think about currently if you want to become an affiliate: niches, branding, products, lead pages, bonuses, email lists, social and other marketing, et. But the amount of information he gives in this book is really only just enough to get you started. In some of the areas he discusses, there is not really enough for you to truly get started; it’s more like he’s letting you know the parameters of the game but not giving the game away completely. You would still need to do quite a bit of research to get yourself up and running as an affiliate. I would call this a blueprint for affiliate marketing, but nothing beyond that—not even the rough frame, so to speak, to carry the architect metaphor further. But if you are interested in affiliate marketing, this book will definitely give you insight into what you need to consider if you are thinking about venturing into affiliate marketing.