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Adella's Enemy*

Heartfelt Western Romance with Delightful Hero and Heroine

Oh, my gosh! What a wonderful enemies-to-lovers Western historical romance! Adella, the heroine, is southern through and through and still fighting the Civil War in her own way. She is determined to take revenge on the man whom she sees as responsible for her twin brother’s death when he died of starvation at a Union prisoner-of-war camp. In the beginning scene, she takes on a job to thwart the building of a railroad line, which will hurt that man in the pocketbook. When she arrives where the railroad is being laid, she meets Cormac McGrady, who is in charge of the men building this railway spur.

I absolutely adored Cormac’s fierce protectiveness, loyalty, and inherent goodness. Right from the start, he would insert himself—literally physically—between Adella and harm’s way. She didn’t want to like him because she perceived him as the enemy since they had polar opposite goals. But she couldn’t help but like and respect what she saw. The chemistry between the two of them was off the charts, and the author did an excellent job showing the powerful emotions that built between them. While his attraction was nearly instant, the rest of the romance did feel like it had a natural build as they got to know each other better. I totally fell in love with McGrady’s Men as well. Though they could have been rough men like the other railroaders, they were as decent and protective as their boss—and quite often injected a delightful dose of humor into what could sometimes be a serious story.

If you like a heartfelt Western romance with wonderful three-dimensional characters and a hint of intrigue and some danger, scroll up and get a copy of this book. You won’t be disappointed.