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Proud New Entrepreneur…and Mysteries!

Solange’s husband is giving Presley ownership of Silk. Before the ink is even dry, one of the employees of Silk, Roxanne, is arrested for the murder of her boyfriend, Drew. Roxanne swears she is innocent and wants Presley’s help in clearing her name. All is not well at Silk either, as some merchandise has been ordered on the company accounts but doesn’t seem to exist. Also, Solange’s husband left out a little detail or two about the business’s financial state.

Did Roxanne kill her boyfriend? What will Presley find out? Will Silk be able to survive financially? Will Presley regret her decision to become a business owner?

I was sorry to see that Cooper didn’t feature heavily in this installment of the Presley Thurman Mystery series. At the end of the previous book, they had finally gotten back together after being on the outs for a while. In this book, he’s in New York working for a client. Katy still here in Chicago, supporting Presley as she starts her new business. I enjoy watching their friendship. This particular installment feels like a combination of mystery and chick lit, which is not a bad mash-up. I like how in the last two books the author has increased the complexity of the plot to include more mysteries than just one. This book isn’t just about Roxanne and Drew’s murder; it is also about mysterious happenings at Silk as well.

This book seems to have more issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage than some of the other books in the series, which is unfortunate as I do enjoy reading about Presley’s happenings.

If you’ve enjoyed the previous mysteries in this series and the quirky cast of characters that always seemed to surround Presley, you may enjoy this book. By the way, if you are new to the series, the author does a good job setting up the world by telling you a little about some of the previous mysteries as they relate to Presley and her friends currently.