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A Witchy Bake-Off*

Ghost Helps Solve Her Murder

Grandma Grant is determined to win the Spring Bake-Off in their small town. Her greatest rival is Adele, whom Grandma believes is using shady tactics so she will win. Grandma lets her displeasure be known all around town. So when Adele turns up murdered, Grandma is a suspect. That leaves it up to blank to show that Grandma did not do the deed. Surprisingly, she’s helped by Adele’s ghost! Who murdered Adele?

This book was delightfully well-written. I enjoyed the relationship between the two magical sisters and their magical grandma; it came across as warm and loving despite the limitations of the written word. The writing style was fluid and natural, allowing me to just get into the story and stay there. I love the paranormal elements in this, especially the concept of Adele trying to help solve her own murder, including the motive! Adele’s ghost was a fascinating character as well; she was three dimensional, even if her form was not.

If you enjoy cozy paranormal mysteries, you might find this a very engaging read.