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A Witch's Immunity*

Fantastic Story, Bad Grammar

Here’s the latest installment about Bethany, James, and their friends at Dusk Academy. James was hoping for a romantic getaway, along with some friends, but he and Bethany are the subject of a magical attack in Aspen. She wants nothing more than to head right back to the safety of the academy. Or is it so safe? Something’s happening with the vampires that’s making them rabid, and their attacks on witches aren’t helping relations between the two groups. Will Bethany and James be safe? What can they in the teachers do about this latest difficulty?

I have enjoyed the stories about Bethany, James, and the rest of the crew at Dusk Academy. Bethany’s and James’s relationship is very sweet. I like how they are supportive of each other and how they try to bridge the gap between vampires and witches at their school. Unfortunately, this book had quite a few grammar and punctuation errors, both run-on sentences as well as the particular flavor of run-on that is too common, the comma splice. There were also issues with spacing around punctuation.

if you enjoy their previous adventures, you’ll like this latest addition to the series.