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A Witch in Time*

Uneven; Didn’t Quite Work for Me

I’ll admit to enjoying time travel romance, so I was curious about this book when it showed up at my favorite book reviewer site. However, unfortunately, this book didn’t quite work for me. I thought too much time was taken up with the setup for both the hero and the heroine in their respective time periods. In both of these sections, too, there were pretty good-sized data dumps about the backstory. In much of the early time with the hero in the contemporary world, there were quite a few scenes that didn’t seem to add much to moving the plot or the story. While, of course, we want the hero and the heroine to get together, it felt more than a little creepy given what the hero had left behind in his time, a pregnant wife whose life was in danger. For these reasons, I just wasn’t particularly wild about the book.

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