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A Warrior's Ride to Shine*

Book Not as Described

I enjoy a variety of self-help and motivational books, so I was definitely intrigued by the title and concept of this book. However, I find myself disappointed by its contents. The subtitle says it is a guide to awaken your inner strength (on a bicycle no less), but I found nothing of the sort in the book. The first full half of the book is just a variety of stories from the author’s life with nothing said about how this can parallel the reader’s life or how the reader could learn from such an experience in her life. After the middle point, the book does start to talk about some issues from the reader’s perspective, but every chapter is really mostly about the author’s story. If you enjoy books where someone talks about their life and some lessons they’ve learned, you might enjoy this book. But if you are expecting it to live up to its subtitle, you will be disappointed.