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A Wallflower's Folly*

A Poorly Written Regency

I love a good Regency Romance—it is my favorite sub-genre of historical romance—but unfortunately, this is not one of them. The book is very short and suffers from a malady common to novellas: the dreaded information dump. And this happened not just once but twice. First, there was a data dump from the heroine and then a data dump from the hero. Despite that this excessive and repetitive information, I still didn’t feel like I got to know these characters. The book is full of so many errors with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage that it was exceedingly distracting. Did the heroine have “ill-manors”? The wrong form of too/to was used on more than one occasion. Words like “deuce” were misspelled (duce… really??). I could go on for paragraphs at how many things were just wrong, wrong, wrong. The book ended very abruptly as well.

I actually thought this was a good premise for a Regency romance (and was even looking forward to reading it), but it was so poorly executed that I cannot recommend it at all.