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A Trail of Breadcrumbs*

More Grimm Murders

The Grimm twins are pulled into another investigation by the mother of a woman who was recently murdered in the Siren Woods. This brings up memories and questions about others who were killed at or found missing from that spot. As the siblings dig deeper, they find themselves confronting issues with the cold cases as well as their current one. I’ve read several books in this series by now, and I quite enjoy the banter and interaction between Monica and Michael, the twins. They seem much like a real brother and sister. In this book, the author created a proper mystery novel, not as simple novella as many seem to be these days, with multiple plotlines, murders, and red herrings to keep interest and the pages turning. As in the other novels in the series, the twins have to fight resistance from the local police department while they’re trying to figure out everything else. One of the twins is even endangered. I like all the different secondary characters as well, as they flesh out the plot and add much to the multiple storylines. Some of these are recurring characters, while others were new. Dialogue is realistic and at times funny but still remains heightened and tells us just what we need to know.

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