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A Spellbinder's Denial*

Another Well-Written Installment in the Series

I believe this is the third book that I have read of this Black Oak warlock series, and I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed the other two. This author has a way of drawing you right into the book because she creates such believable and sympathetic characters. Even in the first chapter at the auction, I felt I already had a good sense of who the hero and the heroine were, what they had gone through, and what it meant for them to meet again. There was a slight feeling of an information dump at the beginning, but actually it was mostly woven in pretty well compared to most narrative sections of that ilk. The story truly is character driven. I very much enjoyed watching this story unfold with two such decent people who are doing their best to protect those they love and care about. I’m a sucker for stories with a wounded hero or a wounded heroine; this story had both.