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A Slow Burn*

Well Paced, But a Little Too Short

Hotshot detective and dragon shifter Remi is investigating an intriguing new case. He’s a sought-after ladies’ man, but he can’t quite shake Dai from his memory. Dai is a woman who has been groomed great things.  At a sacred gathering of their people, Remi and Dai are proclaimed the king and queen of Beltane. Sparks fly between them in more ways than one. Soon, however, they must band together to help find Dai’s missing sister. This might even connect to his case.

This story had a complex plot that I think might have been better served as a longer work. I felt like I was missing nuances and details about the couple and the world of the book. That being said, the writing was tight, and the plot kept moving. I liked seeing the development of the love-hate relationship between the couple and how they had to interact even though they didn’t want to.

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