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A Seance in Franklin Gothic*

Another Murder–Perhaps–In Thistlewood

In another trip to Thistlewood, there appears to be a little mysticism mixed up with a murder! The dead body is found in a circle of candles slumped over a Ouija board. When the body disappeared before the sheriff could get there, some thought it might have been a hoax or a prank. But with Ruth, Wren, and Cassie on the trail, it will be figured out!

I enjoyed this book like I have the others in this series. The author has an excellent way of showing us who Ruth thinks. I love that Ruth is an older heroine than we often see in books in general, and her age and profession give her a certain gravitas (while not being pedantic) The story is in the first person from her perspective, and hers is an interesting and mature head to be in as she tries to puzzle out what’s going on. I thought that, on occasion, there were a bit too many information dumps scattered throughout. It seems like the author is almost trying to summarize the previous books in the series here and there, when she could just get by with a little detail or two. I won’t spoil it, but the ending did surprise me, as it isn’t something we usually see in cozy mysteries. All in all, I enjoyed this installment of the series.