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A Scoundrel's Promise*

Not a Scoundrel, Just a War-weary Second Son

I don’t see the hero as truly a scoundrel. Sometimes these historical romances are titled in ways the author/publisher believe will attract readers rather than actually reflecting the book. This is unfortunate because this novel is actually a lovely little romance; there’s no need for title prevarication. I quite enjoyed the heroine. She is a mischievous, fun-loving young woman who can be serious and brave when she wants or needs to be. I loved the hero; I’ll admit to a soft spot for the wounded warrior returning home. He appreciates the heroine’s nature but doesn’t feel worthy of her because he can’t give her what she thinks she deserves. I thought the book ended abruptly; I would have loved to see more beyond this scene. The last 15% of the book is a tease for the next book of the series. There were some issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. I don’t think the book was copyedited because of some inconsistencies with these. However, I did enjoy this story.