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A Morning Routine*

Start the Day off Right

The author shares her thoughts and ideas about the importance of the creation of a good morning routine. In the introduction, she states that she has struggled with her daily routine in general, but setting up a solid morning routine has been helpful. She’s open about her successes and failures; she tested out a variety of ideas while she was figuring this out in her own life. The latter half of the book is meditations that you can incorporate into your morning routine. The first section is eight chapters that first discuss the waking up process and the benefits of a morning routine. She spends some time discussing the sleep environment because good sleep is the foundation for a good morning. As an insomniac, I can tell you that it is true. Then, she starts talking about the elements of what could make up your morning routine, like waking up your body with exercise or your mind with meditation or journaling as well as some thoughts on grooming. She wraps up this section of the book by discussing how to create your own personal routine and telling you how you may be able to extend the routine to others you happen to live with.

When I first started reading the book, I almost felt a little overwhelmed at all she suggested, with the chapters on fitness/exercise, meditation, and grooming as well as the meditations. That’s a lot to pack into a morning! Luckily in the Creating Your Routine chapter, she suggests starting small, maybe first waking up just a little earlier or adding one concept to what you already do. She states throughout the book that setting up a morning routine actually makes her later day more productive. Not only because you might opt to prioritize your day during your routine, but also due to the fact that if you give structure to the start of your day, then you flow naturally into having more structure as the day progresses.

This is a fascinating concept. I do have a semi-routine for when I awaken but hadn’t really thought to nail it down precisely and follow it more days than not. I find myself intrigued as to whether or not the benefits she suggests are real, and I might be tempted to give this a try.

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