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A Love for the Pages*

Modern Woman Seeks Byronic Hero

June is coming back to her hometown after her first year of college. Her step-dad isn’t happy with the A’s and B’s she earned last semester; he wants her to follow in his footsteps in business, but she’s more into books and writing. Instead of having a relaxing summer off—as she’d hoped, but the step-dad nixed—June volunteers at the library. She meets an interesting group of characters there. June is a young woman who is enamored with Regency and Gothic novels, specifically Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Wuthering Heights. She especially loves the heroes in these books. She happens to meet a young man who reminds her of the heroes of those novels all rolled into one modern-day person.

Will June’s stepfather stop giving her a hard time? Will she enjoy her time at the library? What will happen between her and Everett?

As someone who likes to read, especially similar books to June, this is a deliciously fun novel. The way she loves her paperbacks as well as her Kindle is just like me! I love how she is so immersed in her fictional world that she sees her real life through a fictional lens. Sometimes she is self-aware about this, but other times she is not. The plot arc of the book follows some of her favorites in literature, and that’s a real treat, too.

If you’re a person who enjoys reading Gothic and Regency literature, you might enjoy this author’s spin that brings elements of these into a contemporary new-adult story.