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A Kiss for the Marquess*

The Bachelor, Regency House Party Style

This is a relatively light and fluffy Regency romance set in a later year of that period, after the Napoleonic Wars. Right from the first chapter, it seems a little over the top and not at all serious. If you just take it as that, and you enjoy Regency romance, you might find this book fun. I didn’t like some of the writing style. I like my historical romances to have multiple sentences in a paragraph, not just a word, phrase, or sentence. To me, historical romance needs to have slightly elevated language, and I associate that writing style more with contemporary romance. I’m also not a fan of the word “chit” used to describe young women. It seems vaguely insulting to me and was used a lot in this book. The heroine is actually Austrian, not English, which is unusual for a Regency. I never quite warmed up to the hero, which is necessary for me to really enjoy a book. (I did like his friend Jasper, though; he was definitely comedic relief.) However, if you enjoy slightly farcical and melodramatic light regencies, you may enjoy this book.