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A Good Dragon is Hard to Find*

Sorry to See the End of Ruby and Ty’s Adventures

This installment wraps up the story of Ruby and Ty. As I had hoped at the end of the last installment, we learn much more about the magical realm that Ty comes from. It is a much harsher, darker world than I had imagined. Ty and Ruby had to make hard decisions as they ventured to the magical realm in order to try to figure out how to close the tears that caused unnatural passages between the realms. Their relationship grew by leaps and bounds, and it was a delight to watch unfold even if there were difficulties. Ruby also learns more about first father. I am actually sad that this is the last book of this series, as I did enjoy Ruby and Ty’s adventures. At the end of the book, though, the author says that we will continue to learn about Ruby and Ty as she starts another series that revolve around some of the other characters from this series.

As always with Ms. Schultz’s stories, she is able to combine some humor with personal growth and conflict in a way that engages and keeps you turning the pages. She has envisioned a difficult magical realm that has far more depth than one would expect in a series like this. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the rest of the series.