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A Forged Affair*

New Adult Adventures in France

Young, free-spirited Canadian tomboy Niki is having a grand adventure in France. When she reaches a small village, she decides to stay for a while longer to help one of the young men there whom she meets. He is a gentle giant who reminds her of her brother who killed himself, and she feels a need to help him win the woman he has been pining for. There’s another Canadian there, and he finds her equal parts intriguing and annoying.

For the most part, this is a light romance perfect for a summer getaway read. It is quite steamy in parts, as Niki embarks on a sexual relationship with both men at different times for different reasons. I enjoyed the opening of the book, which showed Niki’s fearless nature. For all the lightness of most of the book, there are moments of poignancy, especially when Niki talks about her brother and after Niki is injured towards the end of the story.