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A Dangerous Temptation*

An Unlikely but Believable Couple

I have read several of Jillian Eaton’s books now, and I have enjoyed them. This book is no exception. The author is very good at manipulating both the reader’s emotional heartstrings and the characters’ thoughts and actions. The prologue, showing the hero coming upon his newly murdered wife five years before the bulk of the story, immediately makes the reader have great empathy and sympathy for the hero. She immediately switches it up with the scene of this book’s hero and heroine’s meet-cute told from the perspective of the heroine. The switch is jarring because of the sharp differences not only in the circumstances of the scenes but the voices of the characters. The heroine comes across as smart but a little naïve and as someone who has a good sense of humor and sense of self. The hero and heroine have a near instant and actually believable chemistry that is off the charts and only continues to grow as the book progresses. Because of the loss of his wife, the hero is a wounded soul seeking to avenge his wife’s death. The heroine isn’t quite willing to give him up despite the darkness she can sense within him or the difference between their social standings.

I enjoyed this book very much, both the romantic aspects between this unlikely couple and the suspense plot of finding and bringing the hero’s former wife’s murderer to justice. A solid historical romantic suspense!