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A Bride for Brynmor*

Excellent Start to a New Series

Even though this is the start of a new series, it is great to see some characters that we’ve seen in passing (or more in-depth) in other books closely related to this series. I loved Grandpa Gus before, so it was a delight to see him again. But this is the story of Brynmor and Lark. She is attempting to make a complete separation from her villainous troupe manager and collect her sisters of the heart after they scattered attempting to run away from Ulysses after he nearly choked Lark to death. Unfortunately for Lark, her sisters are not at their predetermined meeting placeā€”but Ulysses is. He makes moves to reclaim her, of course, but Brynmor is there to save the day. Not everything is resolved in this book, but that’s fine because there’s more to the series. This book is a fast-paced read as the hero and heroine try to sort out the mess as well as their feelings for each other. I like both of these characters. They are both up against so much, yet they are determined and very strong and even stronger together. They are both so willing to protect and sacrifice for those they love. The little lambs added a sweet note as well. I look forward to the next book in the series.

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