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2 Dangerous Things a Year*

Not Quite Cohesive Enough

The title of this book intrigued me. The subtitle suggests that the book is all about change and how to become better at rolling with the changes that work and life often bring. Unfortunately, I found this book to be somewhat scattered, and it did get off the target message more than once. While the author has done two dangerous things a year for some time, the book really isn’t about that. So, perhaps he should have had a title that had more to do with what the book was really about. A good part of the first section of the book describes people’s different reactions to change along with ideas that further explain or augment the concepts. That is an excellent start to a book on change. Following from that, the second part should have been about moving from being change resistant (no matter what your degree) to be more accepting and even a champion of change, but that was not how the second part unfolded. It felt too generic; it really wasn’t as much about change as it was about basic ideas like gathering resources and support or troubleshooting. The book seemed repetitious in parts. This seemed like a loosely cobbled together set of articles rather than a cohesive whole. I’ve enjoyed other works by this author, but this one fell short and did not deliver on its title or subtitle.