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10-Minute Tidy Home*

Basic Home Organization Tips

Don’t let the title give you high hopes. This 200-plus page book will not get your house tidy in 10 minutes. Rather, the book is full of ideas about how to organize each room in your home so that it will be more tidy; these tips are meant to be done in 10 minutes each. It really isn’t about decluttering or cleaning, the latter mentioned in the subtitle of the book. I found some of the tips to be super basic and common sense, while others were ideas I had not thought of. Not every tip would be something that everyone would use or need, but there is a lot in here that gives food for thought about how to have a more organized home. Despite what the author promises, not every tip would take only 10 minutes to accomplish. Some would take only minutes, while others could take hours depending on your current level of disorganization. In the introduction, the author does suggest that whatever task you attempt, to only do it in small 10-minute doses so that way you don’t give up, overwhelmed by the task or the greater sense of all that you need to accomplish.

The book is split into three parts. Part 1 is what I talked about above, where she gives tips for each room in the home, including the garage. She takes her organizational skills beyond stuff in the house for parts two and three. In part 2, she gives tips for having stress-free holidays, house guests, and parties. In part 3, she discusses travel and moving. I did find the book helpful, and I believe I will be implementing some of her ideas.