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10 Life Hacks*

Life Hacks… Or Common Sense?

Perhaps it’s my age, somewhere north of 50, but I have an issue with the word “hack” being used everywhere for everything. Yes, it’s silly; I know. Sometimes, I actually feel like I’m still kind of fuzzy on the precise definition because different people seem to use it in different ways.

But enough about that. This is a very short and quick read. Because of my aversion to the word “hack,” I might call this more social common sense–that probably isn’t quite as common as it should be. He has clearly organized each of the ten hacks, talking about it in general, giving an exercise, and providing a similarly structured FAQ. Surprisingly, he does have some good insights into how these small changes which can actually make a positive influence on social interaction. None are tricky or difficult; they just take a little bit of thought and remembering. But I imagine if one started to practice them, they would become second nature in no time–especially if you get good results. These simple but good ideas, if followed by more people, would indeed make the world a more pleasant place to be in.