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Mostly Sweet, Sometimes Serious Holiday Romance

What a charming Christmas romance! The heroine has bought a fixer-upper house and really wants to get it in shape by Christmas so that she and her sister can have a proper Christmas. They are products of the foster care system, so creating moments like this are a treasure. Her brother-in-law has set her up with a carpenter to help with the house. He happens to be a man she knew in high school and had a secret crush on. He was the all-star football player, and his family owned a pub in town while she considered herself essentially a nobody because of her circumstances. They get to know each other over the course of the project, and romantic sparks begin to fly. But because of her background, she has a hard time trusting. How will it go when his ex comes to town? A perfect holiday romance with just the right amount of serious undertones. Both the hero and heroine are likable characters who have lived through some adversity, each changed by it in a different way.