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Time Management for Women*

Some Nuggets, But Some Issues

I enjoy reading nonfiction of a variety of types. I find myself particularly intrigued by books on time management and productivity. This might stem from the fact that my previous boss continuously harped on time management as being my Achilles’ heel. But I am of the mind that time really can’t be managed; time just is. I think part of the problem comes from the idea that we inherently must accept all the tasks that keep us so busy and make our time management seem poor. That’s part of my problem with productivity books. They don’t seem to question why we have so much to do or if all that busy work is truly important. Rather, they seem to want to give steps to make the reader use his time more efficiently. To me, though, that still seems like too much of muchness, exhausting and stressful.

I did think, though, that this book did have some good pointers and a few unique perspectives—like becoming better at being productive by practicing productivity. But in the end, it felt like it still boils down to fitting as much as you can into the least amount of time. That way of living seems so stressful to me. Must we really go, go, go all the time? I think we should pare down our responsibilities, delegate, and automate as much as we can. And if bosses are too demanding or unreasonable, they should be told rather than just kowtowed to.

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