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Moonshine and Magnolias*

Good Southern Vibe, But Overlong and a Little Crazy

This is a surprisingly long read for a contemporary romance, and I think the story actually would have been better served by having some of the extraneous and absurd subplots trimmed or removed completely. This is a potentially good book that is in serious need of a developmental reader (or a stern beta reader team!). There was just too much going on, and some of it strained credulity. It is hard to believe that Rob, who is a serious historian, would give much credit to the idea of a family curse and work so hard to get it lifted. Romances, of course, have to have the “boy loses girl” moment, but elements of that felt contrived. I enjoyed the couple at the heart of the romance, Wendy and Rob, but felt that they were overshadowed by all the crazy going on. Still, the author did a good job of setting time and place. The whole book definitely has a very southern vibe about it, which not all books that take place in the American South do!

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