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Lesser Magicks Series*

Complex Magical World

This box set contains the prequel and three books that make up the complete Lesser Magicks series. I don’t like to give too much away when I talk about a series, especially a set where one novella leads to another. This is about a young woman who possesses what in her world are called lesser magics. I totally wish I had her lesser magic for technology! Through the series of books, we see her grow in her understanding and abilities within her world and become somewhat powerful within it. I felt like the series started a little slow, but each book got better and more enjoyable. The author has created a complex world of magical factions. While I am not a fan of backstory in books, I do think there needs to be some spread throughout to explain fantastical worlds; I felt like this book needed a little bit more backstory sprinkled in to explain some questionable things that happened or seemed to be a part of the history of its magical world. At times, the heroine didn’t act the way one would think a person in her situation would act, and that got a little annoying; I wanted her to be smarter at times. But that seemed to improve as the books went on and as the character grew. A fascinating paranormal world to get lost in.

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