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From Suits to Kilts*

Time Travel Back to the Days Just After Culloden

I always enjoy time travel romance if it is well written. I’m always intrigued by the way the author will choose to create the vehicle that allows for time travel. Authors can be quite creative with this aspect of time travel books, although some do gloss over it. I quite liked that the author chose a physical object that was actually well integrated into the plot. Usually, it is simply a device to make the rest of the story happen, but in this book, it was actually integral to what followed. The fact that the author had the modern woman transported to the Culloden battle just as the fighting is dwindling down further intrigued me. Having been to Culloden last year, I found some of her facts to be inaccurate while others were correct. In that very first scene, I found the hero’s perspective on the battle to be a fascinating one. The hero and the heroine were relatable characters, and I enjoyed watching their story unfold.

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