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Fire & Frost*

Better This Time Around

I will admit that I was not a particular fan of the first book of this series as I found the heroine quite often acted in stupid ways. But I do like to give an author or a series at least a couple of chances to impress me. A book like Fire & Frost is one that makes me glad that I have such a policy. I enjoyed this book so much more than the last one. The details of the struggles of the characters were so vivid that I could easily imagine them, and I am a very visual reader. I had wondered when the Cinderella aspect was going to enter the series, as I knew it had both a Snow White and a Cinderella underpinning to it. We meet Ella here. I loved following the trajectory of the relationships between the main characters. Their inherent personalities lead to natural conflicts and seemed realistic to me. I look forward to the next book in the series.

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