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'Till Health Do Us Part*

One Woman’s Story of Bravery and Healing

In this amazing book by Julie Rooney, she details her journey from sickness to health in a way that is uplifting and gives hope to those who have suffered in any of the ways that she describes. The book begins with her telling her family that she is going to make a change and follow her daughter to Hawaii and try to reclaim some of her life. It ends up to be a decision that most likely meant the difference between life and death for her. There, she meets a man who helps her on her journey to physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. It is not an easy path for her by any means—but neither has the path been that her illnesses have forced her upon.

The author is breathtakingly honest about all that has happened to her in her distant past, recent past, and the advancing present that she details in the book. The narrative weaves seamlessly between what is she experiences in Hawaii, her childhood and young adult years, and the years during which her diseases progress. When she discusses the evolution of her illnesses, she backs it up with actual doctors’ notes and laboratory results, allowing the reader to see her as she was seen the medical establishment. She’s able to show how the progression altered her, her family, and her prospects for the future. It is harrowing to read how so much was affected by what was happening to her body.

I am an RN myself, so I understood a lot of what she was saying from a medical standpoint. But the point of this book is more about the juxtaposition between that model and what she found on Hawaii. She gained so much. She truly got her life back in a miraculous way. While I have not struggled with multiple diseases like she had to do (just one, but a life changer), I have I had my own journey that reflects a fraction of hers, so I can understand how much that means. For me, reading this book became personal as I could relate to her medical struggles, path to wisdom, and the importance of wholeness and wellness. I thank her for her willingness to be open, put it all down on paper, and share it with others; she has given me insights that will help me further my own continuing quest for total wellness.

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