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Seduction of My Rake*

Love-Hate Relationship Between Hero & Heroine

This book won’t make sense unless you read the previous book in the series, Searching for My Rogue. It is Regina and Bradford’s story. The prologue sets up that Regina’s marriage to Trenton is already on the rocks after just a few months; they will be divorcing. Regina can’t quite let go of the disappearance of her sister Alys, so she goes back to the Duke of Weston’s estate to look into it. She and the duke have an attraction to each other (almost love-hate), which they pursue, along with answers about Alys.

I didn’t particularly like this book because of a few factors. First, I just didn’t like the characters of Regina and Bradford. They’re not very nice people, and for people who are supposed to be starting to care about each other, they treat each other abominably. This book, too, takes place wholly in the present, unlike the previous two books of the series. The principals’ do banter, but it isn’t nearly as amusing as book two because it seems more hateful. There were some errors in grammar and punctuation, but they were not as marked as the first book and not quite as good as the second.

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