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Accepting the No-Sex Challenge

Alex isn’t getting what she needs in her relationships with men. She’s wanting commitment but is only having a series of hookups. A recently married friend at work recommends that she follow the advice in a dating book she read that helped her find her husband. Alex isn’t sure about this and resists, but Stacey buys her a copy and slips it in her purse. After reading it, Alex decides to take the challenge: no sex with a man until there is a commitment. She’s unsure if modern men will even go along with this, or if she’ll just be alone.

How will Alex do with the challenge? How will the men who come into her life react to it? Will she find a man who will be willing to commit to her?

The book had more profanity, including the f-word in a variety of forms, than I like in a book. Other than that, I found this to be a fantastic read. Watching Alex as she tried to sort through her emotions and her needs was sometimes funny and sometimes poignant. It’s rare that a romance book hits both of those points so well, but this one did. The challenge gave her a merry chase and was quite a struggle for her at times, and she learned a lot about herself, what she truly wanted out of a relationship, and what the possibilities were out there for her. She saw both the best and worst in herself and the men she dated.

If you don’t mind the profanity, you’ll find this book to be an interesting look at what relationships mean, and can be, in the modern world.

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