Murder in Bloom*

Murder in Small-Town Scotland

Having visited Scotland last September, I could just about the picture what the author and the heroine described. A small town in Scotland just seems to be a perfect place for a cozy mystery. Lots of quirky characters in town, which you have to have for a solid cozy mystery. The heroine’s aunt is moving out of Edinborough to a small town to open up a small flower shop, and Jessica is going to help her out. (She’s been looking forward to a holiday since graduating from college and breaking up with her boyfriend.) But this being a cozy mystery, a dead body is found in the cellar of the flower shop, and who would be the prime suspect? The aunt, of course. So now Jessica has something more challenging to handle than just renovating a small shop and helping her aunt with it; now she wants to make sure that her aunt doesn’t end up imprisoned for murder. I enjoyed this cozy mystery and all of its delightful characters. I sincerely hope the author continues with this series and these characters. There is definitely some potential here. I am sure there is much more than this small town has to offer cozy mystery fans!

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